Welcome to Classic Carder

Classic Carder are based in Shropshire and create beautifully designed and affordable drum carders. Handmade in solid wood, our carders can be customised to suit your needs and feature adjustable drums with a choice of three different grades of card cloth.

Our unique and easy to use interchangeable drum system lets you change the large storage drum, allowing the use of different cloth for carding different fibres. We can also provide ‘Jumbo’ and ‘Wide’ carders which produce batts in excess of 100g.


  • Suitable for use with all wool fibres, alpaca and angora
  • Made from sustainably sourced woods
  • Choice of three grades of card cloth (48tpi, 72tpi and 120tpi), two pin lengths and two cloth colours (red and pale blue)
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Comes fully assembled with doffer, table clamps and full instructions
  • Adjustable and interchangeable drum system
  • Two year guarantee with after-sales service for the life of the carder

The Classic Carder Range

The classic drumcarder is available in five sizes – compact, standard, jumbo, wide and jumbo wide.

Standard Classic Carder
Compact Classic Carder
High-sided Classic Carder
Jumbo Classic Carder
Wide Classic Carder
Jumbo Wide Classic Carder

Using a Drum Carder