Drum Carding

Drum carding opens the fibres and lines up each individual fibre in the same direction, making spinning and felting much easier and much faster than carding by hand. As well as removing a lot of the dirt and vegetation from the fleece, the drum carder is the perfect tool for blending different fibre types and colours.

Drum Carding To Felt

If you felt, it enables you to produce and blend your fibres quickly, giving more time to concentrate on the creative side of your work.

The batt straight from the drum can be needle felted. Machine needle felting a colourful and interesting batt will give you a wonderful piece of fabric to work with in a very short time.

Drum Carding To Spin

Drum carding for one hour will produce enough fibre to spin for days, rather than spending all of your valuable spinning time building your biceps in a power workout hand carding.

It is best to wash your fibres before drum carding as this will stop your drum carder from building up grease and dirt. Carding un-washed fibres will not damage your carder but will result in everything you card picking up the grease and dirt, unless after or before carding any build up is removed. Alternatively have a drum for un-washed and one for clean fibres – see Interchangeable Drum System.

Drum Carding To Blend

It is very difficult to blend with hand carders but with a drum carder this is very easy and can be inspiring. Experimenting with different colours and fibres will allow you to produce unique and interesting items.

Your leftover fibres from previous projects can be blended together, making good use of all the bits you have collected over the years.