Interchangeable Drum System

With the Classic Drum Carder it is possible to change the storage drum in the frame. This allows you to have different cloth grades on the storage drum for carding different fibres, without having to purchase and store another drum carder.

Other reasons customers have purchased more than one drum include;

  • A drum for un-washed and washed fibres – they do not have to remove the grease and dirt build-up to card clean fibres.
  • One for black and one for white, saving time cleaning every last fibre from the drum before a colour change.
  • A pale blue cloth for blending colours, as it is a neutral background which makes colour blending easier on the eye.
  • A few of our customers have purchased all three drums as they prefer to card all fibres starting with the 48 tpi, then on the 72 tpi and finishing on the 120 tpi regardless of its count (thickness).

How To Change The Drum

  1. Remove the handle and drive band.
  2. Remove the four screws with a PZ3 driver.
  3. Lift out the drum.
  4. Take the one slider off the drum and put it on the alternative drum shaft.
  5. Slot the alternative drum into the frame making sure the arrows are pointing upwards on the sliders.
  6. Replace the four screws leaving loose to adjust the distance between the drums.
  7. Adjust the drum so that the pins on the lick-in and storage drum are occasionally just touching as the drums are turned. With the correct setting of the drums tighten two of the four screws.
  8. Replace the band and handle. Test the drum setting – it is correct when you can hear the pins just touching occasionally when the drums are turning. Adjust further if required – best done with the band removed. Tighten all four screws.

The pins should never mesh together – this will make it harder to card and could damage fine fibres.