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About Jill

Jill is a skilled workshop leader who leads you effectively through a bank of skills to ensure that you can go home and do what you have learnt in class. She runs workshops for guilds and craft groups that wish to further their knowledge and understanding of textile craft and history. She is also available to teach at shows and other events. Her background as a teacher of both adults and children ensure that all age groups enjoy a course that is pitched to their learning needs.

Jill has a wide range of skills and can arrange workshops to suit your particular requirements. She can also offer talks on textile craft and history which can combine with workshops.

Workshops typically last a full day although shorter sessions can be negotiated for fibre festivals and shows as required. For longer courses, you can either combine specific workshops or contact me to discuss a tailor-made course.

Workshops Include

Get to Know Your Drum Carder – Learn about your drum carder, how to use it and maintain it, using tops and natural fleece. with an introduction to colour blending.

Drum Carding to Knitting – How to use your drum carder and spinning techniques to produce the finished fabric you want.

A Walk on the Wild Side – drum carding to art yarns. How to use your drum carder to develop your textural yarns and how to spin or felt them.

Spinning Tops – How to use your drum carder with hand-painted tops to produce gradient or fractal yarns

Art Yarn Spinning for the Brave – How to produce unique one-off yarns (and how to repeat them). This will focus on developing techniques with mixed media.

Colour Theory for the Terrified – how to find inspiration and develop your own colour palette

Better Living Through Dyeing
 – How to dye fibre and other materials, a look at different dyestuffs and how to begin to develop your abilities with colour.

Design to Knit – How to design a yarn for your garments. An introduction to technical spinning, sampling and evaluation.

A Touch of Silk – Introducing silk spinning, how to deal with different silk preparations, looking at handling techniques, blending, judging twist and finishing this beautiful, but sometimes infuriating, fibre.

Frontwards Embroidery – How to embroider without crying. Basic stitches taught in a variety of different threads, looking at different techniques to develop skills and confidence to embellish.

Bells and Frills – Techniques for projects, including twisting fringes, making braids and buttons, developing your decorative darning skills. Probably won’t include either bells or frills unless you ask Jill!

All Buttoned Up – Dorset buttons from the beginning to developing your own designs. You will never be chasing for the perfect matched button again.

Letterpress courses can be run by arrangement.

Talks offered can either be art, textile or history-based. Her own specialism lies in the textile and print history of the 18th century to present day around the world. Recent talks have considered Textile Workers in the South Welsh Uprisings of the Early 19th Century, the Domestic History of Craft in British Homes, Apprentices, Riot and Mayhem in late 18th Century London, Weavers and Politics in 19th Century Coventry, The Textile History of Newtown in 19th Century, Printing on the Job, a history of independent printers.

Jill was a long-standing teacher of Art, Design and Technology and History. She specialised in Textiles and Graphic Design. She was rated as an outstanding teacher in all disciplines and is at ease with all levels of ability. Her longstanding experience in the classroom means that she is able to deliver content very effectively to large or small groups, pitched a level that helps and encourages each learner’s development, whilst ensuring that this is a deeply enjoyable experience.

Jill’s skills as a workshop leader have taken her to some unusual places and she is a curious and intrepid traveller. She has taught not only in the UK but also in Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you would like her to travel to you, combining with other organisations in your area you can share travel expenses, otherwise, you can travel to her; a lovely community share room is available in Newtown on the Welsh border.

Workshops are also held in Shropshire near historic Ironbridge.

A wide range of equipment is available for use at the workshops, or you are welcome to use your own. She can always tailor a course or workshop to your needs, or if there’s something you’d like to learn but can’t see it, just get in touch. If you are interested in a workshop, or having her a teach at your event, please email her, to discuss options –